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About Our Lakes

New Lake


Our newest addition to Rode Hill Fishery is a 2.5 acre lake with 2 central islands and 22 swims, including 3 wooden platforms which have stone tracks leading to them for disabled fishermen as well as able bodied fishermen. The lake depth varies between 4ft and 10ft towards the centre of the body. The New lake is used as our Match lake, which is open to reservation for larger groups or organisations, email us to enquire.

Contains: common carp, mirror carp, ghost carp, dace, chub and roach.



Middle Lake


The Middle lake is our stunning half wild and half reared lake, full of great looking fish and even more potential. There are 15 Swims, with 7 being accesible for those with disabilities, around this weeping willow encompassed, picturesque lake. The fish in here vary in sizes, ranging from small roach and 4-5lbs carp to the older natural 16-20lbs fish, including Tench and Grass carp. The Middle Lake was created in the 80’s, mainly to encourage more wildlife, and replanted with various types of willows. Over the years, and with the help of the many ducks and geese that make their homes down there, all three lakes have built a healthy population of fish, mainly common carp, and apart from the odd family outing they had been mostly un-fished until now.

Contains: common carp, mirror carp, grass carp, roach and tench.


Old Brickyard


This is the oldest of all four lakes. It’s about 3 acres of water, ranging from depths of 4ft to 10ft and currently has 2 fishing spots on it (though we plan to add more in the near future). The Brickyard is popular for overnight stays and with those who wish to specemin fish or want more of a challenge.


It was originally a clay pit that was worked in the early 1900’s, kilns used to be on site as well, so the bricks were fired on site and then used locally in the village. It was used at a later date as a glass tip for the Fussell’s Brewery that finished in the mid 50’s, when it was then left and has, over the past 60 yrs, matured into a rather picturesque and enclosed lake. This lake is a beautiful mystery by its own nature. Having not stocked this lake, all of the fish are completely natural and have ended up in this lake in their own ways, meaning there are some mysteries left unsolved.

Contains: common carp, mirror carp, grass carp, roach and tench.

new lake
Middle Lk
Old Brickyard
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